Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Beginning of The End...

So, in order to further my career, I decided to go back and get my Ph.D. While in theory, a good idea, the result could be disastrous at this point in my life. We'll see.

The point of this post was to describe my annoyance today. I am returning to my Alma Mater for my Ph.D (both for my bachelor's and master's degrees) and today went wandering around the campus that I spent years wandering. However, it took me longer to get everywhere because I had to find elevators. Obviously, as a healthy young college student, I could huff it up a few flights of stairs. Now...going up stairs is barely an option. I feel like a loser going to the elevator when no one can outwardly tell I need to use it. 



  1. It's Liz.

    Please, at Salem State everyone tries to cram into the elevator. In fact, on days I've used my cane in school I've had kids not step off to let me on, and a few of them I *knew* were perfectly healthy.

    Running a blog isn't a bad thing. It gives you a place to rant and can act as a journal when your doctor wants you to keep track of certain pains and when they happen. I do just want to throw this out there though, only because I've had livejournal friends like this and I wouldn't want you to do the same. Don't let the blog take over your life and make it so you see yourself "Heather=RA" but instead you're "Heather, a person with RA."

  2. See, @URI, no one ever used the elevators. But we don't have huge buildings either.

    I don't plan on letting it take over my life. I just want a place to vent about it every once in awhile. And eventually, to celebrate milestones regarding RA...hopefully :-)